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Orthotics are often used in the treatment of biomechanical disorders; they are specially formed inserts for shoes that correct foot function and improve efficiency during gait. They are not only useful for the treatment of foot problems, but also can be used for the treatment of ankle, knee, hip, and lower back complaints when these disorders have their origin with abnormal foot function and gait.

Why do I need orthotics?

Everyone’s foot structure is different. Just as each individual’s eyesight, personality, and medical problems are unique to that person, so is the foot structure unique. The foot is composed of 26 bones, 107 ligaments, numerous tendons, and 19 muscles originating in the leg and the foot. The way these bones, muscles, and tendons work together determines the balance and alignment of the foot. This, together with your weight, the type of work you do, the amount of time you are on your feet, and the type of surface you stand on all day, not to mention the type of shoes you wear, also contributes to the delicate balance and alignment of your feet. A perfectly balanced and aligned foot is extremely rare.

Experiencing Foot Pain?

Practically all foot problems are directly or indirectly related to foot misalignments. If you are experiencing any foot pains, deformities, fatigue, cramps, etc., you probably have an imbalance in your feet. Orthotics are designed to correct or rebalance that abnormality. Just as glasses or contact lenses help to correct your eyesight, orthotics help re-balance your foot structure to reduce abnormal stresses or abnormal areas of weight bearing in your feet that lead to discomfort and that can cause more serious problems as time passes.

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